Military Spouse Crest Lapel Pin

Crest Of The Military Spouse

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The Crest of the Military Spouse captures, through symbolism, the strength, stability and patriotism that characterize time-honored traditions of selfless devotion.

Shape is that of a pyramid, the timeless symbol of enduring strength.

Background represents the flag of the Nation the spouse nobly serves through tireless effort and sacrifice.  The single star remembers countless hours standing alone, a beacon for direction in turbulent times.

Major Image is that of a tree, the symbol of life, for that the spouse is to the military community.  The trunk of the tree is sturdy but without roots, a consequence of nomadic life.  The main body of the tree is five conjoined circles with symbols of spouses’ many contributions to community and family.  From left to right they show the spouse: provides mobility and flexibility to a family on the move; fixes or mends everything from broken toys to broken hearts; is a teacher sharing knowledge and imparting values; heals and ministers, ensuring the physical and spiritual health of those in care.  Finally, the spouse is the arbitrator who keeps peace and harmony at home. 

Minor Images are of children nestled safely beneath the sheltering branches of the tree.  The spouse provides the environment they need to grow healthy and strong. 

Banner displays the words Stability and Strength, values the spouse personifies. 

The Crest of the Military Spouse is prominently worn upon chest or lapel on any occasion when the wearer wishes to show pride in being a Military Spouse.


Military Spouse Crest Lapel Pin
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